CULT FASHION (THE CULT) is the outcome of an extensive journey undertaken by founder Ethan James to realise a vision of establishing an ever evolving fashion retail destination which provides a range of pieces for a more discerning, style conscious clientele.

THE CULT and CULT LUXE are carefully curated collections of womenswear, sourced through a network of global partners, selected specifically for their bold and elegant styles to elevate the wardrobe's of THE CULT customers. Items are often available only in limited quantity only and items chosen to feature in these collections are changed on a frequent basis in order to satisfy the insatitable demand of our fashion forward customers.

CULT FOR MEN is a menswear collection designed by Ethan James focusing on bold designs for a clientele not afraid to make a strong statement with their attire. The collection features a range of everyday items featuring bold imagery as well as avant-garde pieces designed to create an impactful and unrivalled statement of style. Each CULT FOR MEN item is produced by hand upon receipt of order, on an individual basis by our atelier before being quality checked and dispatched - meaning every item is bespoke.

CULT LUXURY FRAGRANCES are a collection of high end brand fragrances, specifically selected to complement THE CULT vision and product holding. Brands include Tom Ford, Hermes, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Dior and many more. 

CULT BEAUTY launched in February 2020 featuring a range a Skin Care products, Camera Ready 'Air Tight' Foundations in 23 shades, Liquid Lipsticks, Liquid Lip Gloss and others. This line continues to be developed by THE COLLECTIVE with a wider range of products - all of which are specifically formulated to be of the highest quality, long lasting and are all vegan certified.


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